Sport is generally a practice that requires physical effort, while for some people it is more a question of an intellectual activity. For others, sport is a hobby, a pastime, and for others, it has an imperative meaning. Extreme sports are very popular these days. Certainly, because they provide thrills and adrenaline rushes that subsequently provide a sense of great bravery to the players.

How motorcycling is practised

Motorbike racing is a fairly daring sport. Riding two wheels and travelling the world is one thing, testing one's ability is another. A motorbike race is first of all an opportunity for a rider to divulge his know-how as well as to show the quality and resistance of his machine. It is a competition in which several competitors are on a starting line to compete on a well-defined route in a set time while respecting several rules and disciplines. During a competition, a motorbike race takes place on a track which can be a terrain (muddy or tarred) or a road full of obstacles depending on the riders' levels. It is defined by a start line, a well-specified course and a finish line indicated according to a stopwatch. There are several heats that become more and more complicated in relation to the time or the lap performed. During a course, the speed of the instrument can be put to the test, then its endurance will also be observed as well as the skill of its rider. 

The profile of a racing motorbike

Before starting the rally, it is important to know the necessary aspects and skills required for a sport motorbike. Not every two-wheeled vehicle is intended to be a racing motorbike. Racing motorbikes are governed by several performance criteria. Firstly, one must choose the one with a good brand. Running with a low-quality dragster on a dangerous journey is not very safe. Then, you have to consider the power of the engine. For certain types of courses, you can modify the motorbike to increase its power. For a racing motorbike, maintenance is recommended in order to constantly check the condition of the machine. Knowing which fuel is suitable for the type of engine used and thus choosing the most efficient one is ideal. To ride a racing motorbike, it is important to practice several exercises to reduce the possibility of serious incidents.

Type of a two-wheeled race

Different kinds of motorbike racing can be distinguished. They are differentiated by the type of dragster used, the tracks to be covered, the duration of the competition, the age category allowed to participate and the regulations governing its conduct. There is a motorbike race on an oval and flat track that favours the sliding of the riders on the hills. This is called the "Speedway", a machine with speed and without brakes is intended to run. For those who like a spicier exercise, an off-road track is perfect. Tracks of this type are very uneven and can be filled with high altitude jumps. This is motocross. For a trial, a racing motorbike without speed is used. You race on a track full of natural and artificial obstacles such as rocks, waterfalls ... without setting your feet on land for balance management or support. There is also the type of course called "Impossible climb" for those who like to take up challenges. It's just a matter of climbing to the top of a mountain. For freestyle, it is for the purpose of practicing tricks during jumps and to be graded in relation to the achievement and the difficulty of accomplishing them.

Maintaining a racing motorbike

A racing motorbike needs to be maintained before, during and especially after each competition. It has to endure a lot of knocks and collisions during the trajectories and needs to be well maintained. The maintenance of a racing motorbike must be guaranteed by a professional or a person who is fully conversant with the material. One small mistake can seriously condemn a sport motorbike. It is a question of knowing how to recognise and repair worn parts. Checks and changes should be made if necessary. Checking the tyres, cleaning or renewing the engine oil change, taking care of the oil filter and pads, checking and maintaining the gearbox, etc. must be a habit to maintain a machine properly. Maintenance to prepare for a motorbike race must also include use tests and trials to gain more confidence and to train the mobile.