How to change the exhaust system of your motorbike?

Published on : 11 November 20213 min reading time
Modifying your motorbike exhaust system is the first change that will be made to your two-wheels. This operation is popular because it is within the reach of any motorcyclist to make their bike more attractive and lighter. Most motorcyclists modify their exhaust system because it is not very flattering to begin with. This modification also brings a design touch to the motorbike.

Why change the exhaust pipe?

Changing the exhaust pipe can have various reasons. A motorcyclist modifies his exhaust to have a more raspy and lower sound than the original. It is also possible that this modification is made to give a better designer touch to the bike. For this, there are different types of brands for this accessory, such as the Akrapovic Moto BMW exhaust system. For the choice of the BMW motorbike silencer, the buyer can opt for various materials such as stainless steel, carbon, titanium or steel. In this case, the choice will be made according to the taste of the driver and the look of the motorbike. It should be noted that the silencer of a motorbike is unsightly and originally quite bulky. However, if this muffler makes too much noise or is pierced, it requires an immediate change.

How is the change of a motorbike exhaust system carried out?

In order to change the exhaust system, you must first have the appropriate equipment. Apart from the complete line, the catalytic converter, the manifold, the valve, a special motorbike tool kit is required. It is easy to fit your Akrapovic Moto BMW exhaust system. Among the tools to be provided is an eyebolt or spanner to loosen the two bolts that attach the exhaust to the vehicle’s engine, for example. This spanner is indispensable for those who do not really know the size of the spanner for removing the bolts.

Which exhaust for his motorbike?

A more racing look, a raspier sound and extra power, these are the many reasons to modify your exhaust system to Akrapovic Moto BMW exhaust. It is necessary to choose the exhaust system that suits the design and performance of the motorbike. In other words, a more adaptable exhaust system should be preferred. It is a good option to give a pleasant customization to your vehicle. For the price, it varies according to the brand of this exhaust system. But to make this modification a success, you should favour a good quality exhaust with a very well-known brand such as Akrapovic.

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