Motorbike shoes: a good alternative combining style and safety

Published on : 02 April 20212 min reading time
All bikers must wear motorbike shoes, including BMW boots and shoes. They must be CE approved. You can check this with the CE motorbike logo label. This pair protects you from any accident, such as an ankle sprain or even a broken foot. Otherwise, your malleolus is exposed and can easily be fractured in a crash. Thanks to motorbike shoes, you can ride peacefully without fear.

High motorbike shoes

BMW Motorcycle boots and shoes are available in a highly protective and resistant material. This way they offer better protection for your ankles. But you shouldn’t opt for small city boots. Special motorbike boots offer better protection for your feet. If you are a woman and you live in the city, you can wear Stylmartin women’s motorbike models. They are approved for female motorcyclists. Made of leather, they are waterproof. Thanks to their waterproof and breathable lining, your malleolus will be well protected. In addition, the insole is anatomically removable, while the outsole is made of non-slip rubber. You are also advised to avoid smooth soles. Be aware that you can view and buy your BMW motorbike boots and shoes online.

Safety and comfort shoes

These BMW boots and shoes offer a very high level of safety. Even if you are riding in bad weather, your boots will always be pleasant to wear. What’s more, they guarantee total protection for your shins. To promote mobility, your boots are equipped with a double zone as well as a reinforcement, which limits their stylish touch. Nevertheless, fashion-conscious people have a wide choice of Helston women’s motorbike boots, low stylmartin boots or Furygan leather boots.

Motorbike boots, a good compromise

Floral motorbike shoes are increasingly available on the market. Be careful though, as some models look good, but offer very limited protection, if any at all. Opt for safety first, long before the design of the boot. Also check that your boots have a breathable waterproof membrane such as Aerotex, so that your feet are always dry. You should also choose a high-quality, fairly flexible material. In addition, the toe of your pair should be equipped with an effective shell to reinforce the protection of your lower limbs. Some boots are also fitted with a reinforcement at the selector switch to prevent premature wear and tear.

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