Choosing a motorbike helmet should not be done at random. It is one of the mandatory safety equipment when you ride a motorbike. For greater safety, it is important to choose a full-face motorbike helmet, especially if you are riding a motorbike with a displacement greater than 125 cm3. There are a number of criteria to consider when choosing a full-face motorbike helmet. Among these criteria are aesthetics, weight, the comfort the helmet will give you and the design material. In France, for example, you must wear a helmet that is approved for safety reasons.

The carbon fibre full face helmet

Among the helmet models that are available on the market, you can choose helmets that are designed with carbon fibre. This material is highly appreciated by competitors. You can easily find the style of carbon fiber full-face helmet that suits your preferences online or in specialized shops. For better resistance, carbon fibre is fused with fibreglass. During a fall, shocks will be better absorbed. The main advantage of this material is its lightness and impact resistance. You will enjoy better comfort with a full-face helmet made of carbon fibre. The only disadvantage of this type of helmet is that it is more expensive compared to other helmets. BMW Motorrad offers a large range of helmets such as the Street X helmet.

Other fibres

You can also choose helmets that are made entirely from fibreglass. However, there are also models made with a mixture of fibreglass, kevlar and aramid. Fibreglass helmets are heavier than carbon fibre helmets. Carbon fibre helmets are more impact resistant. If you don't have the budget, avoid buying low-end fiberglass helmets. The cheaper high-end plastic helmets offer better protection compared to the latter.

Polycarbonate helmets

Polycarbonate helmets are helmets made of plastic materials. They are the cheapest types of helmets on the market. They are heavier and less resistant to impact. Polycarbonate helmets can crack at a certain level of impact. If you are riding a scooter with a displacement of less than 125 cm3, you can opt for the cheaper polycarbonate helmets.