All bikers must wear motorbike shoes, including BMW boots and shoes. They must be CE approved. You can check this with the CE motorbike logo label. This pair protects you from any accident, such as an ankle sprain or even a broken foot. Otherwise, your malleolus is exposed and can easily be fractured in a crash. Thanks to motorbike shoes, you can ride peacefully without fear.

High motorbike shoes

BMW Motorcycle boots and shoes are available in a highly protective and resistant material. This way they offer better protection for your ankles. But you shouldn’t opt for small city boots. Special motorbike boots offer better protection for your feet. If you are a woman and you live in the city, you can wear Stylmartin women’s motorbike models. They are approved for female motorcyclists. Made of leather, they are waterproof. Thanks to their waterproof and breathable lining, your malleolus will be well protected. In addition, the insole is anatomically removable, while the outsole is made of non-slip rubber. You are also advised to avoid smooth soles. Be aware that you can view and buy your BMW motorbike boots and shoes online.

Safety and comfort shoes

These BMW boots and shoes offer a very high level of safety. Even if you are riding in bad weather, your boots will always be pleasant to wear. What’s more, they guarantee total protection for your shins. To promote mobility, your boots are equipped with a double zone as well as a reinforcement, which limits their stylish touch. Nevertheless, fashion-conscious people have a wide choice of Helston women’s motorbike boots, low stylmartin boots or Furygan leather boots.

Motorbike boots, a good compromise

Floral motorbike shoes are increasingly available on the market. Be careful though, as some models look good, but offer very limited protection, if any at all. Opt for safety first, long before the design of the boot. Also check that your boots have a breathable waterproof membrane such as Aerotex, so that your feet are always dry. You should also choose a high-quality, fairly flexible material. In addition, the toe of your pair should be equipped with an effective shell to reinforce the protection of your lower limbs. Some boots are also fitted with a reinforcement at the selector switch to prevent premature wear and tear.

Choosing a motorbike helmet should not be done at random. It is one of the mandatory safety equipment when you ride a motorbike. For greater safety, it is important to choose a full-face motorbike helmet, especially if you are riding a motorbike with a displacement greater than 125 cm3. There are a number of criteria to consider when choosing a full-face motorbike helmet. Among these criteria are aesthetics, weight, the comfort the helmet will give you and the design material. In France, for example, you must wear a helmet that is approved for safety reasons.

The carbon fibre full face helmet

Among the helmet models that are available on the market, you can choose helmets that are designed with carbon fibre. This material is highly appreciated by competitors. You can easily find the style of carbon fiber full-face helmet that suits your preferences online or in specialized shops. For better resistance, carbon fibre is fused with fibreglass. During a fall, shocks will be better absorbed. The main advantage of this material is its lightness and impact resistance. You will enjoy better comfort with a full-face helmet made of carbon fibre. The only disadvantage of this type of helmet is that it is more expensive compared to other helmets. BMW Motorrad offers a large range of helmets such as the Street X helmet.

Other fibres

You can also choose helmets that are made entirely from fibreglass. However, there are also models made with a mixture of fibreglass, kevlar and aramid. Fibreglass helmets are heavier than carbon fibre helmets. Carbon fibre helmets are more impact resistant. If you don’t have the budget, avoid buying low-end fiberglass helmets. The cheaper high-end plastic helmets offer better protection compared to the latter.

Polycarbonate helmets

Polycarbonate helmets are helmets made of plastic materials. They are the cheapest types of helmets on the market. They are heavier and less resistant to impact. Polycarbonate helmets can crack at a certain level of impact. If you are riding a scooter with a displacement of less than 125 cm3, you can opt for the cheaper polycarbonate helmets.

When riding a motorbike, it is necessary to be equipped to protect yourself against possible shocks and also to guarantee maximum comfort during the journey. Among these items are a jacket or a blouson, gloves, trousers and shoes. They can be purchased online by visiting a specialised site for the sale of accessories for two-wheeled vehicles.

Buying a motorbike jacket or a blouson online

Although jackets and blousons are not mandatory accessories for riding a motorbike, they are useful for a safe ride. They provide protection against the cold, especially during winter riding. A jacket or a blouson should be worn to protect yourself against various external aggressions. There is a wide range of jacket choices available online when buying BMW clothing. But to ensure better protection, it is advisable to favour the right brands to obtain quality jackets. By opting for a reputable brand, the biker can ensure his or her safety in the event of a sudden impact while riding on the track or in the city. However, to make the right choice, jackets or blousons with built-in protection should be favoured. To buy functional clothing you may visit the official BMW Europe Moto website.

Buying motorbike racing suits and trousers online

It is more comfortable to wear trousers while riding a motorbike instead of a skirt for women or shorts for men. However, when choosing trousers, some criteria must be considered in order to ride the vehicle comfortably. For example, mobility at the crotch should be specified. One should also not hesitate to try on the trousers when buying them at a shop. However, if you buy online, make sure you know your size and ask the sales manager for advice. Other motorcyclists prefer to wear motorbike suits. It’s more practical.

Buying motorbike boots, shoes and gloves online

The biker has various possibilities for the choice of boots and shoes for his motorbike riding. But for a pleasant and safe ride, aesthetics and comfort should not be neglected. The price of these accessories will depend on the chosen brand. Concerning gloves, they are compulsory equipment to ensure better protection. When buying online, it is essential to choose a reliable shop to obtain a pair of quality gloves that will certainly meet your needs.

Modifying your motorbike exhaust system is the first change that will be made to your two-wheels. This operation is popular because it is within the reach of any motorcyclist to make their bike more attractive and lighter. Most motorcyclists modify their exhaust system because it is not very flattering to begin with. This modification also brings a design touch to the motorbike.

Why change the exhaust pipe?

Changing the exhaust pipe can have various reasons. A motorcyclist modifies his exhaust to have a more raspy and lower sound than the original. It is also possible that this modification is made to give a better designer touch to the bike. For this, there are different types of brands for this accessory, such as the Akrapovic Moto BMW exhaust system. For the choice of the BMW motorbike silencer, the buyer can opt for various materials such as stainless steel, carbon, titanium or steel. In this case, the choice will be made according to the taste of the driver and the look of the motorbike. It should be noted that the silencer of a motorbike is unsightly and originally quite bulky. However, if this muffler makes too much noise or is pierced, it requires an immediate change.

How is the change of a motorbike exhaust system carried out?

In order to change the exhaust system, you must first have the appropriate equipment. Apart from the complete line, the catalytic converter, the manifold, the valve, a special motorbike tool kit is required. It is easy to fit your Akrapovic Moto BMW exhaust system. Among the tools to be provided is an eyebolt or spanner to loosen the two bolts that attach the exhaust to the vehicle’s engine, for example. This spanner is indispensable for those who do not really know the size of the spanner for removing the bolts.

Which exhaust for his motorbike?

A more racing look, a raspier sound and extra power, these are the many reasons to modify your exhaust system to Akrapovic Moto BMW exhaust. It is necessary to choose the exhaust system that suits the design and performance of the motorbike. In other words, a more adaptable exhaust system should be preferred. It is a good option to give a pleasant customization to your vehicle. For the price, it varies according to the brand of this exhaust system. But to make this modification a success, you should favour a good quality exhaust with a very well-known brand such as Akrapovic.

To achieve a successful biker look, it is important to be well equipped. Faced with the risks associated with riding two-wheeled vehicles, you need to protect yourself from possible accidents and weather conditions. For both women and men, the choice of BMW jackets and blousons is very important. You have to take into account resistance, comfort and above all the fabric.

What are the types of fabric for a motorcyclist?

Indeed, the choice of material remains very important for motorbike riders. They have to cope with heat, cold, rain and even shock. Likewise, for passengers, it is important to choose BMW jackets and blousons with very resistant fabrics. In case of a fall, this equipment serves to protect and limit damage in accidents.

Whether it’s jeans, leather or textiles, you simply have to choose the ideal. Although motorcyclists need several different types of equipment aside, they can get all three types of fabric for BMW motorbike jackets for women and men. It is also important to specify the practicality and comfort part, in order to be comfortable during your motorbike ride.

How to choose the ideal fabric?

The choice depends mainly on the needs of the individual. There are those who want them for protection from the cold, but others for extreme competitions. So, to better select them, you need to impose purchasing criteria. BMW jackets and blousons are available in several ranges, with a mixed or gender selection.

You can opt for jeans for daily city tours, individuals can wear them in summer and spring. Leather is also a good all-rounder, but very ideal in winter. Then there is textile for everyday wear and for a casual look. For special occasions, leather is the perfect element for any event.

Opt for quality jackets

In addition to the choice of fabrics, attention must also be paid to their quality. Stay vigilant when buying, as there can be both real and fake leathers. Likewise, with textiles and jeans, there are non-regulatory materials according to the equipment safety standard. Therefore, make your purchase in reputable shops.

Also analyse the resistance of the yarns, avoiding spending on low-end items. BMW jackets and blousons must be of good quality to be safe. Don’t forget to choose the design and colour you are interested in. Combine modernity and comfort, while opting for top-of-the-range equipment.


In recent years, GPS has been used more and more by motor vehicle users as it is useful in a variety of situations. It is not compulsory, but it has many advantages. Nowadays, thanks to this device, you don’t get lost anymore. For a motorcyclist, the GPS is a device used on the vehicle to show the route to be explored.

Why choose a motorbike GPS?

There are many advantages and reasons that can motivate the purchase of a motorbike GPS or a 6 BMW navigator. First of all, there is safety, as this equipment is a faithful companion when exploring the roads. It allows the motorcyclist to know his position in relation to his destination. To benefit from a map in front of you all along the road, the motorbike GPS should be installed on the handlebars of the motorbike. This gadget provides greater comfort during the trip as it helps you to know exact locations as well as the route. A motorbike GPS receiver is similar to other GPS devices that are all connected to satellites. For more information, please click here.

Criteria for choosing a motorbike GPS

Before you buy a motobike GPS, there are few things that are essential to consider. Firstly, when choosing a GPS, you should generally base your choice on the size and quality of the screen. To ensure safety, the motorcyclist must be comfortable with the motorbike GPS. The screen must be clear, whether it is on a sunny day or at a dark night with no moon. Secondly, solidity and watertightness are two parameters that cannot be neglected. The gadget must be resistant no matter what the weather conditions are. Kits are supplied with most motorbike GPS’s to help you in their mounting on the handlebars. It is also essential to look at the memory. Some devices can memorise all the routes taken so that they can be used again later. Upgrade options are offered by the manufacturers of the BMW 6 navigator. Data costs and subscriptions should be carefully analysed. The power source of a motorbike GPS works with a battery built into the device or with the motorbike battery. It is also possible to connect it to other Bluetooth devices in order to enjoy all its electronic functions throughout the journey.

The different types of motorbike GPS

Currently, several types of motorbike GPS can be found on the market. The GPS route planner is the most popular among motorcyclists. The experience-sharing GPS is an improved version that allows you to record completed routes. For adventurous bikers, the adventure GPS is probably the most suitable. There is also a 6 BMW navigator that can be installed on a smartphone or PDA for ease of use.

With the number of motorbike accidents that we count today and the consequences that this has, it is important to wear protective motorbike gear. You need to cover your entire body from head to toe in order to limit the damage in an accident. You will need to know the different equipment which offer maximum protection when riding a motorbike.

Equipment for head protection

This is the part of the body that needs the most protection when riding a motorbike. A hit in the head can lead to trauma and even death. For this reason, the first piece of motorbike protection equipment you should have is a helmet. You have different BMW original motorbike protection models at your disposal. You will have to choose according to the level of protection you are looking for without forgetting the comfort that goes with it. The integral helmet, for instance, completely covers your head and face and offers maximum safety against different impacts. It is also possible to choose other interesting models on the website dedicated to BMW motorbike enthusiasts.       

Equipment for the protection of the whole body 

As the motorbike does not have a body, it is your body that will be exposed to all shocks during an impact. In this case, it is important to wear adequate protection to limit the risk of injury in the event of an accident. It is especially important to wear jackets and trousers specially adapted to this type of situation. You can find different models of BMW original motorbike protection items that meet your needs. The goal is to choose a model that ensures total safety and make you feel comfortable while riding your motorbike. With new technologies, it is even possible to find motorbike jackets and trousers that can adapt to the way you work at the office.   

Equipment for the protection of limbs

Hands and feet need to be protected against external aggression. To do this, you need BMW original motorbike protection such as motorbike gloves and shoes. These areas of your body are the first to come into contact with the ground when you fall off your motorbike. You will need to offer maximum protection to avoid irreversible injuries. In addition to this, you should be aware that wearing motorbike gloves has become mandatory. For shoes, you have different choices depending on where you are going. You will be able to choose trainers, motorbike shoes that fit the job and different boots.

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Those who started a battle of motorbike brands to show who makes the most reliable motorbike have ended up with a nationalist confrontation. Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki are all among the most reliable brands, according to our survey of more than 11,000 Consumer Reports subscribers. Expected failure rates for four-year-old motorbikes ranged from 11 to 15 percent in this group. Find a closer look at these most reliable motorbike brands.


The winner of the Grand Prix and who will win the crown of the most reliable motorbike brand is Yamaha. With an impressive statistic of only 11% of the total number of motorbikes produced require repair in the first four years of life. This is a very small number compared to the number of motorbikes which Yamaha manufactures each year. But it’s simply a matter of economies of scale when it comes to the big four. Higher production volumes lead to higher profits, which are reinvested in quality control, and it’s a kind of cycle that continues. As a reminder, almost half of all BMW and Ducati models spend time in the repair shop before their fourth anniversary. In fact, BMW motorbikes are known to have four times the risk of mechanical failure in the first four years of ownership. This can really add up when you think of the initial cost of the motorbike as well as the increase in shop prices for BMW maintenance.

Suzuki and Honda

At the 2nd step of the podium for the most reliable motorbike brands are in fact two brands that are at a perfect equality in terms of reliability. This is unprecedented in this competition which has never seen a tie in the final. Our best choice for second place is Suzuki and Honda. With only 12% of repairs during the first four years of life these brands are very reliable and respectable. Suzuki and Honda are definitely powerful players in the motorbike industry. So, it’s not entirely surprising that both are on this list. It is surprising that they are tied in the same place, although both brands are known for making excellent beginner motorbikes as well as the full range of heavy hitters.


In 3rd place is a well-known motorbike brand, Kawasaki. With a very honourable survey result, only 15% of their manufactured motorbikes require repairs in the first four years. Kawasaki has properly secured its number three position, which places it at the bottom step of the podium of the most reliable motorbike brands.

Choosing your first motorbike is a stage in the evolution of human life. There are several elements to consider in order to make the best choice. If you need to know them, here are some hints to consider.

Choose your first motorbike according to your needs

To make a better choice, it is necessary to identify your needs. If you need a motorbike simply for a short race or occasional use, you will choose a lighter motorbike, such as scooters. On the other hand, if you need a motorbike for frequent trips or for long journeys, you should choose a motocross bike. Choosing the first motorbike also depends on the size of the motorcyclist. For a tall biker, a motorbike with a slightly high seat will make him or her very comfortable. Someone with a short waist or who is afraid to sit on top needs a small motorbike. You should also consider the location of its use. If your motorbike is to be used often in the bush, it is essential that you choose a motorbike that does not miss secondary roads such as motocross. On the other hand, if it is to be used in big cities, you can choose a luxurious motorbike with the best design for prestige.

Keep your first motorbike powerful and robust

When choosing your first motorbike, you should also think about how to improve your choice in the future. It is therefore not necessary to choose a motorbike in a doubtful or poor condition under the pretext of simply wanting to learn it. From the very first purchase, you must think about its quality and performance. Quality can be external as well as internal. When it comes to external quality, choosing a motorbike with a better design will give you the best motivation to always ride it. On the other hand, for internal quality, you need to choose a motorbike with a powerful and robust engine. A robust engine helps to avoid frequent breakdowns of your motorbike, while it requires to be always kept in a good condition to avoid exposure to recurrent repairs.

For the first motorbike opt for the most economical one 

It is necessary to take into account the consumption capacity when choosing your first motorbike, as the cost of fuel can relatively increase your expenditure. So, with a low consumption motorbike, you can surely enjoy more trips or longer journeys with little expense. However, this last criterion of choice certainly depends on your budgetary capacity. However, a powerful and sturdy motorbike often consumes a little more fuel than others.

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