With the number of motorbike accidents that we count today and the consequences that this has, it is important to wear protective motorbike gear. You need to cover your entire body from head to toe in order to limit the damage in an accident. You will need to know the different equipment which offer maximum protection when riding a motorbike.

Equipment for head protection

This is the part of the body that needs the most protection when riding a motorbike. A hit in the head can lead to trauma and even death. For this reason, the first piece of motorbike protection equipment you should have is a helmet. You have different BMW original motorbike protection models at your disposal. You will have to choose according to the level of protection you are looking for without forgetting the comfort that goes with it. The integral helmet, for instance, completely covers your head and face and offers maximum safety against different impacts. It is also possible to choose other interesting models on the website dedicated to BMW motorbike enthusiasts.       

Equipment for the protection of the whole body 

As the motorbike does not have a body, it is your body that will be exposed to all shocks during an impact. In this case, it is important to wear adequate protection to limit the risk of injury in the event of an accident. It is especially important to wear jackets and trousers specially adapted to this type of situation. You can find different models of BMW original motorbike protection items that meet your needs. The goal is to choose a model that ensures total safety and make you feel comfortable while riding your motorbike. With new technologies, it is even possible to find motorbike jackets and trousers that can adapt to the way you work at the office.   

Equipment for the protection of limbs

Hands and feet need to be protected against external aggression. To do this, you need BMW original motorbike protection such as motorbike gloves and shoes. These areas of your body are the first to come into contact with the ground when you fall off your motorbike. You will need to offer maximum protection to avoid irreversible injuries. In addition to this, you should be aware that wearing motorbike gloves has become mandatory. For shoes, you have different choices depending on where you are going. You will be able to choose trainers, motorbike shoes that fit the job and different boots.