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Published on : 18 March 20213 min reading time
Today, sportswear looks are very fashionable. Almost all brands are starting to enter the world of sportswear. To achieve this look, you have to know how to combine fashion accessories and colours to give a sporty look without giving the impression of going to the gym. Sportswear is the union between fashionable trends and casual style. This article zooms in on sportswear trends.

How to wear sportswear style?

The sportswear trend is not so complicated to adopt. You just have to adopt the right combinations and have fun with the patterns and colours as well as the prints. Avoid choosing pieces that are too smooth, which would miss originality and style. To add a touch of freshness, dare to combine a plain, sober piece with a rather flashy, printed or patterned one. In the sportswear trend, you should also start layering. For example, combine a tight long dress with a hooded jacket and compensated sneakers. Inevitable pieces for a successful sportswear look are preferably colourful and retro trainers, hooded or hoodless sweatshirts, bomber, teddy or windproof jackets. It is difficult to find a sportswear style without one of these pieces. No need to combine them all, one is enough to bring the sportswear look.

Mistakes to avoid in a sportswear look

To adopt the sportswear trend, you should avoid wearing it in a total look. You just need to add a sporty touch to the outfits you wear every day. Avoid combining jogging socks and a jacket or trainers and jogging socks. You’ll lose the classy effect if you put too many sports pieces together. When it comes to materials, limit yourself to a single tight or shiny cut that can cancel out the sporty look. On the other hand, since the sportswear look is a state of mind too, it’s best to avoid this look if you haven’t been to a gym in the last 15 years.

The sportswear trend is a fashion that lasts

Sportswear is a trend that attracts all social categories. Even stars from the world of music and film often appear on magazines dressed in jogging suits or sportswear touches. What’s more, it’s a cyclical fashion that always makes a comeback. One season brings out classic pieces transported from the trendy sportswears of the 90s; then another season brings out much more modern styles. So, if you have a jogging suit and you think it’s outdated, don’t throw it away, it may come back in fashion in a few years. This look seems really immortal because it has a hard time grabbing the lines of the trend and fashion.

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