The helmet is the most important piece of equipment to have on hand for motorcyclists. It is also a good fit for riding a scooter or a motorbike, but as it is often said, safety comes first. There are many different types of helmets on the market: off-road helmets, jet helmets, full face helmets; etc. However, motorcyclists tend to choose the approved modular helmet. Why this choice?  Here are the answers.

What is a modular helmet?

A modular helmet, as the name suggests, is somehow similar to a jet helmet and a full-face helmet together. A jet helmet does not cover the lower part of the face and a full-face helmet protects the entire head. A modular helmet offers the benefits of a jet helmet and a full-face helmet combined. Depending on the model and brand chosen, an adjustable helmet can be recognised by its detachable chin strap system, which can be tilted either at the back of the helmet or above the forehead. Like other types of helmets, the modular helmet is in most cases approved in both positions, i.e., jet and full-face. The versatility of this helmet is attracting more and more motorcyclists as it offers unbelievable advantages. Moreover, to ride safely, motorbike equipment is essential. You can, for example, choose a modular helmet adapted to your size with gloves, boots and a suitable jacket. Don't forget to factor all this equipment into your budget when buying a motorbike or scooter. This will allow you to have the appropriate safety equipment.

What are the advantages of choosing a modular helmet?

The first advantage of a modular helmet is of course its dissociability, a characteristic which appeals to motorcyclists. The comfort provided by the helmet is also very much appreciated. Indeed, as it is easy to put on, comfort is felt both on the road and in urban environments. The integral or jet position makes it possible to adapt to the weather. On hot days, the jet position provides perfect ventilation. The integral position is designed to protect against the cold. This type of helmet is also very attractive. It is very practical with its very solid frame, especially when you are riding at high speed. It is effective for checks, quick conversations and breaks. In addition, a modular helmet can also offer other options. To protect your eyes from reflections and sunlight, for example, a modular helmet can be fitted with a visor with UV protection. You can also opt for a special lens to prevent fogging. By opting for innovation in terms of equipment, you can just easily choose a connected helmet. This allows you to take calls with GPS and enjoy the comfort of technology.

A modular urban or roadside headset: which one to choose?

Nowadays, modular headsets come in two forms. You can choose between a rural road or urban headset. The first is made from injected plastic or polycarbonate material. This is why this type of helmet is less expensive while remaining solid for rides and trips in the city. The second is more resistant and more efficient. This is due to their aerodynamic and ultra-light shell. Moreover, whatever your choice, it is recommended to have a modular helmet that is approved for both full-face and jet use. This provides versatile protection with optimum safety. You can also choose a helmet to suit your look and style. Sporty, vintage, classic or aggressive, you will be spoilt for choice. It's up to you to choose the equipment that best suits your style. As for the options, you can evaluate their suitability according to your use. For example, with your modular road or urban helmet, you can opt for a bib offering increased protection against the elements.

Why choose a motorbike helmet with care?

It is essential to choose your motorbike helmet with care. It's not just a question of aesthetics or cost. In fact, a fine of 135 euros with three points deducted from the driving licence is provided for offenders. Insurance compensation is also available in the event of an accident. These penalties apply if you are wearing a non-approved adjustable helmet or if it is incorrectly worn and poorly closed. Furthermore, apart from the law, safety remains the best reason to wear adapted equipment. Wearing a good helmet helps to absorb shocks in the event of a fall. You can thus avoid haemorrhages, fractures and haematomas. So, at the risk of such damage, it is recommended that you choose your helmet carefully. You have a wide choice of modular helmets in terms of brands and models. To make the right choice, you need to evaluate the comfort and give priority to quality. You can make an online comparison that requires no commitment on your part.